Martin LaMar: Housing, Real Estate & Business Expert

Adults in the United States have two core needs they must satisfy if they want to thrive: shelter and a good education/ career direction. Where would you be right now if you lacked in any one of these areas? Or what challenges are you facing right now if these needs are not being met? Your answer to either of these questions is exactly why business executive Martin LaMar developed this website — to give you the tools to help yourself and/or your local community to meet these needs.


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LaMar is currently the regional vice president at real estate development company McCormack Baron Salazar, where his chief objective is to make a positive impact on social, housing, education, and health policies. LaMar possesses unparalleled expertise in housing especially, having worked in multiple capacities with the Atlanta Housing Authority.

While in Atlanta, he held the positions of senior project manager; director of policy, development, and regulatory affairs; and director of business operations. However, his experience isn’t confined to The Big Peach. He also applied his housing-related expertise as the director of resident services and senior vice president of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Furthermore, he has served as Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority’s chief executive officer and president.


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Outside of housing, LaMar’s areas of specialty include virtually anything and everything related to business, including organizational planning and strategy development as well as infrastructure and planning. He is also passionate about economic and community development; community affairs and public relations; and real estate planning, development, and acquisition. Other areas in which LaMar is adept include public-private partnerships, accountability, full profit and loss responsibility, people leadership,

and top-line growth.

LaMar is a go-to resource when it comes to a potpourri of other business areas as well, including multi-location operations, information and technology, rebranding, and data analysis. The effective management of money also falls under LaMar’s extensive list of skills and accomplishments, including budget oversight, financial analysis, and fundraising.


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LaMar’s expansive career in the business field, particular in upper management, was built on a cornerstone of high-quality education. For instance, LaMar completed his undergraduate training at Alabama A&M University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. He then went on to earn a Master of Business Administration at Brenau University. He also earned master’s degrees in social work and public administration at the University of Washington.

With his multi-faceted educational accomplishments and professional experience, LaMar has certainly had a positive impact on numerous communities and individuals’ lives over the years. Take a journey with Martin LaMar through this site to learn how you can tap into the power of education and business as well as housing policies and real estate trends to improve your own quality of life and that of your community long term.