Leading a Sucessful Community Campaign by Martin LaMar

Martin LaMar: How to Lead a Successful Community Campaign

No matter how amazing your idea is to enhance your local community, the idea will never become a reality without some dollars backing it. That’s why fundraising is so critical. The problem, though, is that many people are inclined to run away when they hear the word “fundraiser.” The reality is that you don’t have to be a self-proclaimed salesperson to make fundraising work for you, according to Martin LaMar, business executive and fundraising expert.

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Be Creative

A little creativity and determination can go a long way in making fundraising work for you, according to LaMar, who is passionate about strengthening local communities. Simply create a Web page for your campaign and put together a compelling story to share on your page. The story should explain the purpose of your fundraiser and how the campaign will directly help the community. Then, once your fundraiser has been launched, you can share your campaign via email, on Twitter, and on Facebook for rapid promotion.

Hold Events Offline

Second, feel free to host offline events to boost your campaign donations. These events may range from car washes to benefit dinners or bake sales designed to increase awareness about your campaign. In addition, you can sponsor group events, such as bike rides, walkathons, and runs — which are especially proven to work during the summer.

Partner with Local Companies

Finally, you can ask businesses in your local area to match the donations you receive. When you partner with businesses, this motivates people to give to you because they know that their donations may end up being multiplied. It also makes your campaign look more legitimate.

So, What Exactly Is Your Ultimate Goal?

The professional career of LaMar, who has extensive experience with leading public housing authorities, focuses on community issues as well as the individual impacted by these issues. His goal? To develop solutions that allow each individual to become better in various aspects, including physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Martin LaMar’s ultimate goal is to assume a senior executive role at a large nonprofit or for-profit organization. He admires such successful organizations as the United Way, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Habitat for Humanity, the Ford Foundation, and the Kraft Group.

Whether you’re creating a community campaign to support your own cause or you’re running an established organization’s campaign, following the tips above can put you on the path to meeting your financial goal so that you can help community members to experience life on a whole new level.