Martin LaMar: Business Careers Remain at the Forefront of Society

As you drive — or walk — into any energetic town, you’ll quickly notice the one thing that makes every bustling metropolis a bustling metropolis: businesses. And lots of them. As a general rule of thumb, people love businesses — either creating them or frequenting them. It may therefore come as no surprise that business remains the number-one college major in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Several aspects of the field remain at the forefront of modern society, according to business executive Martin LaMar, who has built an expansive resume in this top career field.

Public Health Initiatives

Although business remains the most in-demand area of study and thus may pique your interest, health is the fastest-growing major. In light of this, a savvy professional will figure out how to mesh these two worlds together in his or her career, according to LaMar.

LaMar is currently the regional vice president of real estate development firm McCormack Baron Salazar, and he has held several other upper-management posts. For instance, he has served as a senior project manager, director of business operations, and director of policy, development, and regulatory affairs at the Atlanta Housing Authority. He has also served as the president/ chief executive officer of Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority and the senior vice resident/ director of resident services at the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

However, public health initiatives constitute one of LaMar’s major areas of specialization. In fact, LaMar has actually helped to manage health care organizations — take, for instance, his role as associate director of environmental services at Brookwood Medical Center and Baptist Health Systems, and his position as director of community and environmental services at Vaughan Regional Medical Center. His medical field experience has given him an appreciation for using business principles to help to advance people’s quality of life and wellbeing.

Operation Re-Engineering & Other Business Specialties

Operational re-engineering is yet another business specialty of LaMar’s that continues to steal the spotlight. Operation re-engineering centers on organizations rethinking how they do their work to cut their operational costs, enhance their customer service, and become world leaders in their industries.

LaMar, however, has many other business specialty areas that may also pique your interest, including community/economic development, labor relations and negotiation, labor and industry relations, public policy development and implementation, and even emergency management and disaster recovery. He is also passionate about multi-unit service centers and multi-location operations, demographic studies/ strategic city planning, rebranding, fundraising, and budget oversight/ financial analysis. His other areas of expertise include accountability, people leadership, profit and loss management, public-private partnerships, and organizational planning/ strategy development.

In the realm of real estate, he is a trailblazer when it comes to development, planning, acquisition. LaMar continues to drive successful initiatives in community affairs/ public relations, infrastructure planning, information technology, data analysis, and top-line growth as well. These various skill areas will no doubt continue to help Martin LaMar — as well as those who follow in his footsteps — to transform the business landscape for the better in the years to come.